Enjoy Authentic Oceanfront Newfoundland Outport Living!


Many of our guests have used the term "non-touristy" to describe their stay at our ocean-front property, Dory Buff House. 

Dory Buff is a fully restored, 3-bed, 2-bath, 2-storey Saltbox built in 1847, the oldest home in Summerville. 

Featured in the Travel Section of The Washington Post

This picture of Dory Buff Rentals was featured on the cover of the August 28, 2022 Travel Section of the Washington Post, accompanied by an article about vacationing in Newfoundland. 

The author, Walter Nicklin, stayed with his family in historic Dory Buff (center). 

Awarded SuperHost by AIRBNB and VRBO

With scores of 5-star reviews, Dory Buff Rentals has provided authentic Newfoundland Outport Living memories for families from all over the world!